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Exceptional Eye Care

We are thrilled to announce the introduction of our cutting-edge technology for dry eye treatment. Vision Specialists of Annapolis is proud to be one of the only 50 offices in the United States utilizing Lumecca-i and Forma-i, two innovative solutions that are transforming the way we address dry eye concerns.

Eye Exam Chart


Start with a great exam. Checking your vision and eye health is the first step for amazing vision. From a standard exam to specialized health checks, we've got you covered. Exams are by appointment only.

Eyeglass Frames


We handpick all of our frames from our favorite brands from across the globe. Pair them with a set of our custom lenses and you'll be seeing a whole new world. 

A Happy Patient With Perfectly Adjusted Glasses


Adjustments and fit are the finishing touch of great glasses and vision. Let us custom tailor your glasses to you so they can be a comfortable part of your life. 

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